Punjab Pay Commission Reports

Notification NumberDateDescriptionLink
09/01/2021-5FP1/122820/09/2021Punjab Civil Services (Revised Pay) FirstAmendment Rules, 2021Click to Open
09/01/2021-5FP1/67105/07/2021Punjab Civil Services (Revised
Pay) Rules, 2021
Click to Open
6th Punjab Pay Commission Complete ReportClick to Open
14718/6/2021Agenda for 6th Pay CommissionClick to Open
Govt Polytechnic DACP Scales NotificationClick to Open
Dec 2011Govt Polytechnic DACP notificationsCick to Open
2011Re-revision of pay scales of different posts in the year 2011Click to view
5/10/09-5FPI/20727/05/2009Punjab Civil Services (Revised
Pay) Rules, 2009
Click to Open
20/04/20095th Punjab Pay Commission Complete ReportClick to Open
7/84/98-5PPI/442617/04/2000Dynamic Assured Career Progression Scheme (DACP)Click to Open