Department of Applied Science

Online Lectures

Department of Applied Science Semester 1st Subject: Applied Physics-I
  1. Topic: Units and Dimentions
  2. Topic: Force and Motion
  3. Topic: Work, Power and Energy
  4. Topic: Rotational Motion, Rotational Motion2
  5. Topic: Properties of Matter
  6. Topic: Heat and thermometry L1, L2, L3, L4
Semester 2nd Subject: Applied Physics- II
  1. Topic: Wave Motion, Wave Motion2
  2. Topic: Optics
  3. Topic: Electrostatics
  4. Topic: Current Electricity
  5. Topic: Electromagnetism
  6. Topic: Semiconductor Physics
  7. Topic: Modern Physics1, Modern Physics2
Subject: Applied Chemistry-II
  1. Topic: Corrosion
  2. Topic: Dry Corrosion
  3. Topic: Wet Corrosion
  4. Topic: Mechanism of Rusting Iron
  5. Topic: Prevention of Corrosion, part2
  6. Topic: Factors Affecting Corrosion
  7. Topic: Sacrificial Protection and Impressed Current Method
  8. Topic: Surface Coatings
  9. Topic: Polymers and Plastic: Definition of monomer, polymer and degree of polymerization
  10. Topic: Introduction to types of polymer with suitable examples. Part1, Part2, Part3
  11. Topic: Applications of Polymer Part1, Part2
  12. Topic: Difference between thermoplastic and thermosetting polymer 
  13. Topic: Plastics
  14. Topics: Natural and synthetic rubber
  15. Metallurgy: Introduction
  16. Concentration of Ores: Leaching, Froth Floatation, Hydraulic Washing, Magnetic Separation, animation
  17. Calcination and Roasting
  18. Smelting, Calcination and Roasting
  19. Refining of Metals: Electrolytic Refining, Liquidation and Distillation, Zone Refining, Vapour Phase refining, Polling, Summary
  20. Open Hearth Process
  21. Alloys, Types of Alloys, Stainless Steel, Alloys of Aluminium, Alloys of Copper, Tricks
  22. Fuels, Characteristics of Fuel, Solid Fuel, Liquid Fuel, Gaseous Fuel, Calorific Value, Tricks, Coal, Knocking, Octane Number, Types of Engines, Cetane Number, Hydrogen, Nuclear Energy
  23. Lubricants, Lubrication, Thin Film Lubrication, Extreme Pressure Lubrication, Viscosity Index, Flash Point, Aniline Point, Steam Emulsion Number, Neutralization Point, Saponification Number, Iodine Number, Drop Point, Cloud and Pour Point, Uses of Tar
  24. Refractory, Classification of Refractory, Paint Components, Ingredients of Paints, Paint and Varnish, Composites, Superconductor, Glass
Subject- English and Communication Skills
  1. Topic: Report Writing
  2. Topic: Summary of Poem: Ode on a Grecian Urn by John Keats
  3. Topic: The Palanquin Bearers by Sarojini Naidu
  4. Topic: Summary of the poem Night of the Scorpion by Nissim Ezekiel
  5. Topic: Writing a Formal Business Letter
  6. Topic: How to write Office Circular
  7. Topic: Writing Memos
  8. Topic: Summary of the Lesson The Refund by Fritz Karinthy
  9. Topic:  Minutes of Meeting Sample