Department of Mechanical Engg

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Department of Mechanical Engineering Semester 6th Subject: Machine Design
  1. Topic: Design Procedure of knuckle joint
  2. Topic: Solidworks Tutorial on knuckle joint 
  3. Topic: Design of shafts
  4. Topic: Introduction to Machine Design
  5. Topic: Classification of Material
  6. Topic: Bureau of Indian Standards
Subject: CNC
  1. PLC( programmable logic controller )
  2. Subroutine
  3. Tool Offsets
Semester 4th Subject: GSED
  1. Introduction to GSED
  2. Importance of Generic skills development: L1, L2
  3. Global and local scenario of GSED: L1, L2
  4. Life long learning: L1, L2
  5. More Lectures