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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Semester 6th Subject : Microwave and Radar Engineering Chapter: Microwave Devices
  1. Topic : Introduction to microwaves
  2. Topic : Reflex Klystron, Hindi Version Practical: Characteristics of Reflex Klystron
  3. Topic: Multicavity Klystron Amplifier, Hindi Version
  4. Topic: Travelling Wave Tube
  5. Topic: Magnetron
  6. Topic: Gunn Diode
  7. Topic: Limitations of Conventional Tubes
  8. Topic: Active Devices in Hindi
Chapter: Microwave Components
  1. Topic: Introduction (Hindi)
  2. Topic: Microwave Components (Hindi)
  3. Topic: Directional Coupler (Hindi)
  4. Topic: Parameters of Directional Coupler (Hindi)
  5. Topic: Tee Junctions (Hindi)
  6. Topic: Magic Tee and its Applications(Hindi)
  7. Topic: Attenuators (Hindi)
  8. Topic: Tuning Screws and Problems related to Microwave Components
Practical Topics
  1. How to use VSWR meter
  2. Characteristics of directional Coupler
  3. Microwave Frequency Measurement
  4. Gunn Diode Characteristics
  5. Magic Tee
Subject: Wireless Communications
  1. Topic: Wimax
  2. Topic: GSM Architecture
  3. Topic: FDMA and TDMA
Subject: Computer Networks
  1. Lectures
Subject: BOM
  1. What is Economic order quantity
  2. What is production management
Semester 4th Subject: Communication Systems-I
  1. Topic: Ground Wave Propagation
  2. Topic: Sky Wave Propagation
  3. Topic: Space Wave Propagation
  4. Topic: Duct Propagation
  5. Topic: Critical Frequency, MUF, Virtual Height, Skip Distance
Subject: Network, Filters and Transmission Lines
  1. Topic: Concept of infinite line
  2. Topic: Attenuation units1, Attenuation Units2
  3. Topic: Reflection Constant1, Reflection Constant2 , Reflection Constant3 
  4. Topic: Standing Wave Ratio
  5. Topic: Relationship between SWR and reflection coefficient
Subject: Microprocessors
  1. Instruction cycle and machine cycle
  3. 8255
  4. 8253
  5. 8257
  6. 8279, L2
  7. 8251
  8. 8155
Subject: Power Electronics
  1. Lectures
Subject: GSED
  1. Introduction to GSED
  2. Importance of Generic skills development: L1, L2
  3. Global and local scenario of GSED: L1, L2
  4. Life long learning: L1, L2
  5. More Lectures