Office Orders

Order DateOrder NoDescriptionDownload Link
28/09/2021208Physical VerificationClick to View
10/09/2021196Scholarship DutiesClick to Open
07/09/2021192Fee Collection CommitteeClick to Open
03/09/2021190Class Incharge DutiesClick to Open
01/09/2021189Physical Verification of EquipmentClick to View
07/08/2021nilSummer VacationsClick to View
14/07/20211696/2021Table Marking Duties July 2021Click to Open
06/07/2021ADEX0EXAM/3/2021-ADMINOrder to Detain the Students for not submitting APF formsClick to Open
06/07/2021ADEX0EXAM/3/2021-ADMINExtension in Last Date for Fee DepositClick to Open
6/7/2021161Admission CommitteesClick to Open
5/7/2021PS/PSTE/2021/ 1227Vaccination of StudentsClick to Open
1/7/2021155Regarding Fee Deposit of PMS StudentsClick to Open
28/6/2021149Exam Duties June 2021Click to Open
28/6/2021146Class Incharge Mrs Anchal JainClick to Open
1/6/2021DTE email IDsClick to Open
26/5/2021New Quarantine Leave InstructionsClick to Open
21/5/2021Rationalisation Committee June 2021Click to Open
3/5/2021Minutes of Meeting with Principal SirClick to Open
18/4/202197To keep record of Online ClassesClick to Open
12/4/202185Regarding Efforts to Increase Admission Click to Open
12/4/202130-37DTE order regarding Public DealingClick to Open
31/3/202179Regarding decreasing dropout Click to Open
31/3/20213333-40Free travel facility for ladies in Punjab RoadwaysClick to Open
31/3/2021164004/2021Regarding Property ReturnClick to Open
04/03/202162Fee collection from SC StudentsClick to open
17/08/2020204College DutiesClick to open